* Fixed a bug where the microphone would reset in the audio options each game.


* Several optimisations to help with timeout disconnects.


* Potential fix for anyone on a University internet not being able to connect to the server.


* Fixed a bug where dead players couldn't use voice chat.


* Fixed a bug where the Non-VR pause menu would become unusable.


* Fixed a bug where dead players were able to use the walkie talkie.


* Fixed a bug where you could take a Photo outside of Edgefield and it would count as Dead Body evidence.


* Fixed some spots where you could glitch through walls on Tanglewood.


* Fixed some spots on the Farmhouse maps where the Ghost could get stuck.


* Fixed an issue where you could change the text style of your name.


* Fixed a bug where VR Toggle mute was set to hold and not toggle.


* Fixed a Non-VR bug where the pause menu screens would overlap.


* Fixed a bug where rebinding drop to left mouse button would make the main menu unusable.


* Potential fix for save files being corrupted if you crash.


* Fixed a bug where the Ghost wouldn't always lower the room temperature.


* Fixed a bug where changing the voice language wouldn't change the voice recognition language.


* Fixed an issue where your would get disconnected by client timeout when loading levels.


* Fixed a bug where your sanity would raise during a Ghost Event.


* Fixed a bug where the ghost death hands could be seen on cameras.


* Fixed a bug where you could take photos through walls/ doors.


* Fixed an issue where players with 1GB vram graphics cards would crash in multiplayer when loading into a level.

*修復了多人遊戲中使用1GB 顯存顯卡的玩家在進入關卡時會崩潰的問題。

* Fixed a bug where the photo evidence names would be in different languages depending on who took the photo.


* Fixed a bug where your sanity would raise by 25 during one of the ghost events.


* Fixed a bug where the windows and door handles in some doors were still visible when you were dead.


* Fixed a bug where the Ghost Orb would sometimes get disabled.


* Fixed a bug where the smudge Sticks smoke would last forever if you swapped it into your inventory.


* Fixed a bug where you could get the temperature through the wall when you were outside.


* Fixed an issue where objects could fall behind the truck shelves and be made unreachable.


* Fixed a bug where several player sound effects were not being affected by the master volume.


* Fixed a bug where the push to talk button had to be held down for 1 second after your question for it to register as a phrase.


* Fixed a bug where the default items daily challenge wouldn't complete.


* Fixed a bug where the thermometer would set off motion sensors.


* Ridgeview: Fixed a bug where the ghost orb would spawn outside of the basement.

* Ridgeview:修復了幽靈球會在地下室外產生的錯誤。

* Fixed a bug where VR players would spawn outside the Truck if they were outside of their play space.


* Fixed a bug where the Ghost would try to throw items that were on the VR inventory belt.




* Upgraded the server code to PUN2.


This should fix most timeout disconnects and all voice chat issues.


* If your voice recognition is working you can no longer get a response on the Spirit Box just by talking, it will now only answer if you asked a question.


* Updated localisation.


* Lowered the pitch of the EMF Reader sound.


* Lowered the brightness of the lights on the main menu.


* The Australia server has been removed from the region selection.


* Ghost writing will now count for photo evidence.


* The lobby room list will no longer show empty or full rooms.


* Lowered the amount of sanity that you lose during a ghost event.


* The Ghost Orb and Bone will now spawn more towards the middle of the room.


* If your voice recognition stops working the Spirit Box will default to giving a random response by talking.


* The room temperature will no longer raise over time if the ghost leaves the room.


* Most of the save data has been moved off of the save file to help with optimisation and help prevent save files getting corrupted when you crash.


* The server invite code will now always be hidden by default.



* Added a voice sensitivity slider in the audio options.


* The text on the Spirit Box will say what the response said.


* Added a copy button for the server invite code that can be used when the code is hidden.


* Added text to show the server version on the server password screen.


* Added a button to enter passwords from your clipboard.


* Added LIV support for VR.


* Additions for Halloween.